Sunday, July 19, 2009

Company has gone back to Va. Really enjoyed them, the kids were such a delight , they were easily entertained and were mindful. Such a treat. New group arriving tomorrow.

Finished up some more swap cards today and will post later that means I'm down to 1 swap left and it's not due until OCT!!!

Maybe I'll get some inspiration from CHA first of Aug when I go . Hope to find tons of new things. Want to come home with a few COPICS won't be able to get many as i have a wish list of things as long as my arm, nesties, hm stamps etc. we'll see how that plays out.

Hope everyone had a fun filled week end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

sassy swap

here's the sassy swap, outside she says caught a bug
inside she said "well you better get well cause i'm not in the mood to make a sympathy card!

how's that for sassy? the card opens in the middle and this is the first one i did and didn't really like her changed her to purple and teal and added some buttons and liked that one better but mailed them before i got a pic

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Enough of the card swap stufff for today

I'll post the rest maybe tomorrow. I have to figure out how to rotate them first and I'm not good at this stuff as you know.

Had a dental appointment for my broken tooth ouch! It was as eventful as always. It was a tough problem to fix was there Tues at 7:30 am and was there almost 2 HR. I had some type of reaction whether it was to the latex in the gloves or the adhesive for the temporary or to the several injections,
. no one knows but i looked like to lost the fight, face swollen with red blotches on cheek and inside blisters. Took advil and benadryl still have the blisters inside so am doing warm salt rinses. Can hardly wait to see what the next appintment brings when the put the crown on...

I'm off to clean up my messy stamp area and rearrange stuff, then tomorrow i hopw to pull ou scrap stuff to begin to do alaska pages.



Gosh I know it's hard to believe but I've done 4 of these now!!! I really don't cook much but i like doing these. I loved the graphic 45 paper that i found for the 7-up cherry pie salad one. I hand cut the embellishments for that one and put just a touch of glitter on the cherries to make them look wet.

The second one the crock pot chicken one i found the chicken in a pot on some clipart site enlarged it and them colored it the the prisma pencils and put feathers behind it. And wrapped a piece of just on the opposite side

One last snowman

This one is really cute even if i say so!!!! It's a stairstep card, (first one of those i've done) and i did it for a naughty or nice swap. Check out the action of the puppy first he is just peeking second one peeking and third stole the hat and scarf. love it.... it says frosty thoughts. It has glitter and stickles on it and i used a paper with some gold threads it in


These were fun!! Again very non traditional colors for christmas. They are raised with pop dots, snowflake brads on bottom, and i can't honestly remember what i put inside for a verse. Getting better with blending but still a long way to go.

2nd sponged card

I'm not really excited about how this one turned out but it's done and mailed and that's all i can say about it. It's a just because type thing. gosh in this pix the bird looks big but it's really not.

Some sponged cards for a swap

I had not sponged before and boy did i learn in a hurry to wear gloves. I made a mess i had ink under my nails yuck & just everywhere. This is the sympathy card. It is heat embossed and you really can't see in this picture but there's a reverse image on the bottom. So two new things sponging and revers images.

MADE time to post

no new cord for camera yet so i put things on a cd ta da done. i will try to post some of the cards and swaps but be warned there are many and so i may only do a few today and the rest later.

This first one is for a christmas swap it has a christmas voucher on top that says naughty nice or borderline, inside this one says, i think i ate all my brownie points. His muffs and tummy are fluffed and the white center strip is punched out and he is non traditional in color!! I made another one of these a bit more racey the tag at the top of it says, christmas in antartica is and inside, f________ing freezing. This one was fun to put together after i finally figure out what i wanted.