Wednesday, April 22, 2009

lunch with the girls

remember the luncheon last week well here we all are. i used to work with all these gals at the job i had prior to this one. the lady in the black is pat ans she has now gone to texas to be with her daughter. some of these ladies i had not seen in 13 years was a fun day

sleepy boy

guess who my helper was this day, he's in the window alseep behind me

swap topper

here's the topper for the swap i'm in the edges are distressed the big leaf was hand cut then crimped then sponged the bottom leaves were stamped then cut and all up on foam squares there's also a piece of jute on the bottom. the poem i found on the internet and the leaf buttons just seemed to fit in. i hope the ladies are happy with them when they get them it's my first swap with them and that's unnerving enough.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heaven help us!!!

Ok here's one more avenue most of you seasoned people will have to help me with. Just a warning to you all PLEASE STOP ENCOURAGING these things!!! LOL