Saturday, May 16, 2009

card swaps

i will post them as soon as i get a new cable for the camera to put them on the computer, someone chewed the end of the cable and bam dead in the water that someone could be brayden. yep he's a chewer!! if i didn't know better i'd say he was a dog, not a cat.....anyway i'll try next week to do that task. maybe by then i'll have more of the card swaps done anyway.. i've done the recipe one the topper one the fall ones and the sassy old lady ones, i am half finished with the humorus christmas one, after that i have the naughty christmas ones the sponged ones and the snowmen ones to do..... boy was i a glutten for new stamps to play with or what. i just got my first bella and guess which one i picked? if you guessed grumpabella you're right... adorable lil thing..... night all


  1. he sure does get in his fair share of trouble!

  2. hey mines a grumpabella too :))